Baby Formula Can Organizer

Baby Formula Can Organizer

I saw the cutest entryway organizer at a friend’s house and I didn’t have to ask her where she bought it. That’s because she made it herself. Instead of just shelling out money for diapers, clothing, formula, and other baby needs, she decided to recuperate some of that money by recycling those baby formula cans. You can, too. When you gather some of those empty cans you can make an adorable organizer for an area in your own home.

Large baby formula cans look great when you arrange them on a wall to create cubby hole storage pieces. Remove the lid from each can and save it for another project. To change the look of the can just glue on fabric or decorative paper. Options for paper include wallpaper, shelf liner, wrapping paper, or scrapbook paper. With scrapbook paper you can easily create a theme for the formula can organizer.

Arrange the cans in any manner you want. Put a screw through the middle of the inside, bottom of each can, and into the wall. Arrange these in rows, in a diamond shape, in a large letter shape, or in any way you want. The cubby hole organizer can hold socks, gloves and mittens, rolled scarves or fabric, stuffed animals, and much more.

If there really isn’t a wall where you want to make an organizer, create a tabletop or counter top version. Glue cans together, side-by-side, then stack more on that row, and so on, to create a pyramid effect. When the pyramid is finished you can make it much sturdier – and prettier – by wrapping the pyramid in fabric or paper. Use wide ribbon, fabric, gift wrap, or another material, to give the organizer a finished look. Glue the material on, from the middle of the bottom, up and around the entire thing, and back to the bottom.

Stand the pyramid organizer in a bathroom to hold rolled towels, in a kitchen to hold implements, or on the floor in a child’s room to organize small toys or clothing. The cubby holes can hold so many different things and the arrangement is really easy to make. Each time you empty another can, you can add onto the organizer, or just start a new one.

Baby formula cans aren’t the only type that can be used to make the wall or counter top organizer. Use coffee tins, oatmeal canisters cut down to a shorter size, and similar containers. The unusual organizers can help you organize anything from winter items, to craft supplies, to hand towels.