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Similac Advance Infant Formula Powder

Similac Advance infant formula powder is produced and manufactured by Abott Nutrition. Similac Advance is one of the more popular brands of infant formula and is commonly found as one of the main formulas for women on the WIC program. The ingredients on the ...Read More

Enfamil Family Beginnings Program

Finding out your pregnant is a joyous and exciting time in both your lives. There’s so much that runs through most parents minds like is it going to be a boy or a girl, what name will we pick, what color’s will we do ...Read More

When to Switch to Soy Baby Formula

Some babies are not tolerant of baby formula. For these babies, breast milk may be best. If you cannot breast feed or have chosen not to, there is still a solution. Soy baby formula can be used in place of breast milk or regular ...Read More

Tips for Bottle Feeding on the Go

Traveling with a baby involves handling all sorts of highly detailed logistics. Aside from the diapers and clothes, toys and special blankets, pacifiers and safety gear, there is the business of taking breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner and a night time snack with you. ...Read More

Formulas to Try If Your Baby Has Dairy Allergies

If you are formula feeding your baby and things aren’t going well, it might be because your baby has a dairy allergy. The most common reported symptoms of dairy allergies are diarrhea, vomiting, hives, eczema, difficulty breathing, and rashes that come and go. If ...Read More

Top 5 Organic Infant Formula Brands

Although breast feeding is still generally considered best for a baby there have been advances being made for healthy baby formula. Organic formula has recently started to take stride as mothers are looking for a formula that has few potential future allergens and is ...Read More

The Best Organic Baby Formulas

It is important for developing infants to get proper nutrition. At this crucial stage, it is also important to monitor and control what else is in their bottles besides the necessary nutrients. Many parents who do not wish their young infants to ingest chemicals ...Read More

The Advantages of Formula Over Breast Milk

I have known many mothers, over the years, who have beat themselves up for deciding against breastfeeding their children. I breastfed my children because breastfeeding was what worked best for me. I had the luxury of staying home with my children, and the incentive ...Read More

Temperature Guide for Infant Formula

There is no measuring or figuring out temperatures when you breastfeed your infant. But it is a completely different story when you are formula feeding. The experience can be very satisfying, but there are tricks that can help you figure out the best temperature ...Read More