Enfamil AR Lipil Formula for Babies Who Spit Up Frequently

Enfamil AR Lipil Formula for Babies Who Spit Up Frequently

Recently, my one month old son has been spitting up quite a bit. We went out and bought the “cheapest” baby formula with added rice starch since I really don’t like giving him Gerber rice cereal in his bottles. We settled on buying a 32oz can of Enfamil AR Lipil For Babies Who Spit Up Frequently. The can cost over $24.00 at Wal-Mart but luckily I had a $7-off coupon!

I can’t understand why the cost of this formula is so high. The only reason I bought it is because Similac’s new Sensitive RS formula bottles cost about $6 each and my son goes through about one of those every single day. It just seemed more practical to buy the Enfamil AR even though it still costs an arm and a leg. It’s absolutely ridiculous that formula costs so much – how are babies supposed to eat if their parents can’t afford their food? Give us a break!


Use one level scoop for every 2oz of water. Shake. You’re done. Easy enough. That is until you see how clumpy the stuff is! It is so thick that it gets stuck to the insides of the bottle and even clumps up in the nipple!


We have had the hardest time trying to feed our son this formula! Again, it is so thick that it clogs up the nipple. We have tried widening nipples and buying new ones but problems still exist when trying to feed our son. It is so frustrating for us and our baby.

Also, the stuff is so foamy! I have never seen formula this foamy before in my life. There is usually at least 2oz extra of pure foam in his bottles after we shake them during preparation! When he gets to the end of the bottle during a feeding there is nothing but tons of foam left and he ends up sucking on it because it is hard to see where the actual formula ends and where the endless foam begins!

Spit Up Cured?

So after all those frustrating, annoying clogging issues and foam problems you would think that it would at least help with spitting up, right? Barely! Our son is still spitting up almost the same as before we started using the Enfamil AR Lipil For Babies Who Spit Up Frequently. Plus now he spits up tiny little chunks which is probably due to the formula being so thick and not mixing properly in the first place. Trust me, I shake the heck out of the bottles when I make them!