Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for Babies with Fussiness or Gas

Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for Babies with Fussiness or Gas

Milk Based Infant Formula Powder, Iron Fortified, and Partially Broken Down Proteins for Babies Zero to Twelve Months

Manufacture: Mead Johnson & Company, Evansville, Indiana

Website: http://www.enfamil.com

Rating: Eight Out Of Ten Stars.

Our newborn was experiencing severe gas, and spit up from the standard Enfamil Lipil formula, so under recommendation from her pediatrician we tried the Gentlease Lipil formula.

Almost immediately her spit up reduced by eighty percent, but still at every feeding she would spit up a small amount.

She also still had a mild discomfort from gas that would keep her restless.

After adding a tablespoon of rice cereal to every four ounce bottle, her spit up went away almost completely.

Gas was still mild and was some what controlled by regular doses of Mylicon Infant Gas Relief Drops every other feeding, and before bed time.

After feeding on the Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula for about a week, our daughter started reaping the benefits of the formula with a healthy increase in weight.

It’s a milk based formula that utilizes partially broken down proteins to reduce the amount of gas produced during digestion.

Packed with iron, every other mineral and vitamin, it includes amazing doses of Niacin 1000 micrograms for every five fluid ounce serving.

Definitely a product to consider if your infant is extra fussy, has heavy spit up, or experiencing discomfort from gas.

The formula was priced about the same as the regular blends of imitation breast milk. Most other Manufactures’ seemed to have competing product similar to Enfamil Gentlease Lipil Formula, as well as a generic store brand version that contained the same nutrient guide contents and ingredients.

We also found that our child’s doctor can get you samples, and signed us up for a coupon mailing list from Enfamil. The Coupons were great, they were gift checks for five to seven dollars off the Lipil products, and we received several free samples in the mail from time to time. Which came in very handy on the extra tight house budget?

Their website also contains great coupon deals, and reward more coupons for completing surveys and such through third party sites. Some surveys were a total waste of time though, and the third party sites were all red flagged by my spam filter for being a high spam mail sender.

Overall we were satisfied with the product and its results. We gladly would recommend it to others experiencing similar infant feeding and digestive troubles.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest. I would give this product and easy eight.