Enfamil Lipil Milk Based Formula with Iron Review

Enfamil Lipil Milk Based Formula with Iron Review

The Enfamil is a pioneer in nutrition and dietary supplement products and they are in this field for more than a century. They are a storehouse of time tested knowledge; expertise and exclusive research in developing superior products have made them a trusted brand globally. But this behemoth was jolted recently. The Enfamil Gentlease lactose formula was recalled due to the presence of metallic particles in the powder. After this episode I am extra cautious and a little apprehensive to give Enfamil Lipil Milk based Formula fortified with Iron for my toddler.

Occasionally I find that this powder comes with some unfamiliar minute particles that are not a part of the formula. I called the customer service and they promptly answered that these are not injurious to health. My question is when they are fully aware of the presence of these alien particles why don’t they do something to overcome it. Though they are not harmful, what is the need for undesirable substance getting in to the baby milk powder? This shows the lack of commitment in giving quality product to the infant. Just like any mother I want to give the best and safest product to my baby. The slight doubt about the particles crept in mind and the dubious distinction about the unwanted stuff getting in to the powder has made me discontinue the milk powder.

Until the controversy, I was totally satisfied with the Enfamil Lipil Milk powder and if only I have not heard about it this would have been my kid’s only dietary supplement. It is just that I don’t want to take risk. This is basically designed to mimic the mother’s milk. This is one of the very few milk powders that are packed with all the nutrients required for a healthy baby. There is no doubt that it is a nourishing and wholesome milk powder. But remember that it is only a dietary supplement and not the sole food. I would suggest the mothers to breast feed the baby and go for other alternatives like this only if the baby is intolerant to milk.

The presence of the DHA, ARA and Choline in the Enfamil Lipil Milk powder is comparable to that of mother’s milk. These support the mental growth and boost the development of brain and eyes. Apart from Iron it also has considerable amount of calcium required for strong teeth and bones. Besides all these the antioxidants enhance the immunity and resistance power of the kid protecting them from common allergies.

This is a ready to use instant milk powder. All you have to do is to mix the powder with warm water and shake it well. It does not form any lumps and the consistency is smooth. Unlike some of the milk powders this does not cause any stomach upset, gas problem or constipation. This is a very simple formula and is easy to digest.