How to Get Free Formula Samples and Coupons

How to Get Free Formula Samples and Coupons

When I was pregnant with my first child my mom gave me one of the best pieces of parenting advice and it wasn’t anything that deep or emotional. It was simple, down to earth, and unfortunately one that I would come to realize down the road that was very important. So what was that great piece of parenting advice? It was whether or not I planned on breastfeeding or to feed using formula I should sign up for the new moms clubs offered by formula companies. The reason being was that these clubs would send you samples of formula, which is always nice to have on hand. I didn’t really think I would ever need these formula samples but I signed up for them anyhow, and smugly put my formula samples in the closet knowing I would never use them. However, when my milk supply suddenly dwindled, and I had a screaming baby who was hungry these formula samples were a lifesaver. So if you are a new mom or expectant mom I pass on that same piece of advice. Get the formula samples! Here are some of the main formula clubs for new moms that you can join as well to get free baby formula samples.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

The Enfamil Family Beginnings Club advertises that new members get up to $250 worth of gifts which include great goodies such as a diaper bag, magazines, samples, and up to $60 in Enfamil checks.

Signing up for Enfamil Family Beginnings is an easy process that takes less than two minutes to complete. You can sign up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings Club by visiting the Enfamil website.

Gerber Generations

The Gerber Generations Club is as easy to sign up for as the Enfamil Family Beginnings Club, and offers new members up to $100 in money saving coupons, as well as information specific to your growing baby’s needs, and access to online tools.

You can sign up for the Gerber Generations Club by visiting the Gerber Good Start Formula website.

Similac StrongMoms

The Similiac StrongMoms Club offers new members up to $239 in gifts, which include formula checks, and money saving coupons. Signing up for the Similac StrongMOms Club is as easy to sign up for as the other formula clubs.

You can join the Similiac StrongMoms Club by visiting the Similac website.

Parent’s Choice Formula

While Parent’s Choice Formula does not necessarily offer a club to join, or the amount of savings the previously listed formula clubs offer they do offer the opportunity to request a free sample of their formula. You can choose to receive a sample of their Premium Formula, Advantage Formula, or Gentle Formula.

To request your free sample of Parent’s Choice Formula you can visit their website.