The Best Organic Baby Formulas

The Best Organic Baby Formulas

It is important for developing infants to get proper nutrition. At this crucial stage, it is also important to monitor and control what else is in their bottles besides the necessary nutrients. Many parents who do not wish their young infants to ingest chemicals are turning to organic baby formula as a healthier alternative. In this age of health-conscious organic eating, there are many brands of organic baby formula on the market. Here are some of the best organic baby formulas.

Vermont Organics Baby Formula is an excellent option. It provides all of the nutrients present in breast milk, giving your infant all of the vitamins and minerals it needs for proper development. Vermont Organics Baby Formula is certified kosher. If your infant has a wheat allergy, this formula is ideal because it is gluten-free; if they are lactose intolerant or have a dairy allergy, Vermont Organics also offers a soy-based baby formula.

Another good choice is Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula. This organic baby formula is also 100% nutritionally complete and kosher certified, though it is not gluten-free. Like the Vermont Organics brand, Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula is also available in a soy-based variety.

Another gluten-free organic formula is Bright Beginnings Infant Formula. Bright Beginnings has a vegetarian blend of fats and additives that help strengthen your baby’s immune system. This formula is only available in a milk base. It is kosher certified as well.

As your child grows from an infant to a toddler, switch them to Baby’s Only Toddler Formula. This formula has larger amounts of calcium, vitamin B12, protein, and other essential nutrients than do most other formulas. These additional amounts of vitamins and minerals are formulated for your toddler’s growth and development. Baby’s Only contains no Melamine, with ingredients that are NOT sourced from China to avoid potential contamination that has happened in the past with some ingredients. Baby’s Only also offers formula additives; one has DHA and ARA to assist with your baby’s brain and eye development, and the other is a Probiotics additive to aid in digestion.

Also derived from all certified-organic ingredients, Parent’s Choice Organic Formula is Wal-Mart’s lower cost alternative. While some shoppers will be turned off by purchasing anything from the notoriously environmentally unsound megastore, their formula is nutritionally comparable to most other organic baby formulas, and their prices (especially on store-brand merchandise such as this) are unbeatable. For those on a budget who wish to go organic, Parent’s Choice Organic Formula is a good alternative to pricier varieties.

Feeding your baby a chemical-free diet from infancy on will help foster good health for a lifetime!