Tips on how to Get Free Baby Formula

Tips on how to Get Free Baby FormulaIf your baby is on regular formula, there are numerous methods to get free baby formula. It’s very expensive to manage a regular supply and supplementing it with certain free sources can be a terrific way to help your infant budget stretch out more.

Free samples from the medical center

Countless medical centers receive free formula samples from numerous formula companies. If you’re certainly formula-feeding your baby and you are aware of this before you give birth, reap the benefits of the free formula the hospital has readily available.
Ask for a bag of formula samples and discounts. Many hospitals will only send formula bags to ladies who ask for them, so states clearly that you would appreciate any sample they have, along with free bottles or discount coupons.

Ask if any specific extra samples are available. Sometimes, clinics can give a couple of weeks’ supply of infant formula, or multiple sample bags, to ladies who need or ask for the extra samples.
Some nursing homes don’t receive/distribute formula samples at the urging of the World Health Organization (WHO), which advises breast feeding for all babies. If your hospital claims they don’t have a sample, that’s most likely why.

Samples from your pediatrician

For those who have twin babies, triplets or even more multiples, your pediatrician’s workplace can provide you with formula samples. Simply ask at your very first visit and at subsequent drops in. If you want to change formula types or brands, request again for completely new samples. Don’t be shy! Formula is very expensive, particularly when you’re ordering for two, three or more.

Samples from the company

Some formula manufacturers offer discount coupons for free formula on their tags or through their sites. If you like a specific brand and need free formula, get in touch with the manufacturer over the phone or the Net to ask for a couple of discount coupons for free formula. On many occasions, the firms will offer a couple of coupons for free formula to ensure you keep on being their customer.

Contact the customer support department. If you get in touch with the company to let them know that you would like to keep feeding your child with their brand of infant formula but cannot afford it currently, they may be pleased to forward you coupons or samples at no cost.

Register for free samples, discount coupons, or vouchers. Numerous formula companies offer free samples if you join their email lists or social network.

Ask for infant formula as a gift

If the price of formula is too expensive or just an expense you would rather avoid, consider asking for infant formula as a present on holiday seasons and birthdays, for your baby shower, or as baby gifts.
Sign up for infant formula for your baby shower. If you sign up for infant formula for your baby shower and make it distinct that you would truly be thankful for presents of formula, you may be able to get various months’ worth of infant formula at absolutely no cost.

Ask for infant formula as baby gifts or holiday presents. If you would like free infant formula, ask that friends and family give you formula on Mother’s Day, your special birthday, as a baby present, or for whatever gift-giving holiday is coming soon.